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Project Introduction|項目介紹

This platform relies on the two projects of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 'Building an Interactive Platform for Practical Design Project between Students and Industries', Teaching Development Grants (TDG 2019-22, 49KK), 2020-2021 and 'Enhancing Student Learning Experience through Practitioner-research in Textile and Fashion Design', Funding for Strategic Plan Initiatives to Expand Research Elements in the Undergraduate Curriculum (SP1(B)2020-22, 9AHV), 2021-2022.

Multidimensional Platform project aims to provide an interactive online platform which is beneficial for university-enterprise cooperation. Enterprises and students have more online and offline opportunities to gain a better mutual understanding and actively collaborate. Combined with the “learning to learn” theory, this sustainable platform can enhance the learning of students so that they learn capabilities over time through guidance and practical projects exercise.

Through Practitioner research project, it will be transformed student’s learning mode from being “taught to learn” to “self-directed study”. Moreover, it will also help students to develop their textile and fashion design project with more digital techniques and apply the research finding into design practice. Subject instructors will mentor students at the different research steps to improve their research ability and more opportunities will be provided as well to let students present their design works widely.

此平台依託於香港理工大學的「為學生與企業構建一個互動的實用設計平台」項目,由教學發展基金資助(TDG 2019-22,49KK),2020-2021;以及「通過實踐研究提升服裝及紡織設計專業學生學習體驗」項目,由擴大本科課程研究元素的戰略計劃基金資助(SP1(B)2020-22, 9AHV),2021-2022。




Our Vision & Mission|願景與使命

To be the leading platform that benefits

students for ‘learn to learn’ and practical design.


  • To activate students’ motivation;

  • To nurture students to develop learning habits;

  • To help students gain experience, knowledge, skills and potential job opportunities.

  • 激發學生的學習動力;

  • 培養學生養成學習習慣

  • 幫助學生獲得經驗、知識、能力和潛在的工作機會。

Conceptualising Learn to Learn|


Learning to learn is a multidimensional ability to engage consciously in a sustained process to become a more autonomous, effective and adaptive learner.



  • Learning to learn is multidimensional.

  • Learning to learn is an ability that can be developed.

  • Learning to learn is a process that students can be engaged in.

  • 學會學習是多方面的。

  • 學會學習是一種可以發展的能力。

  • 學會學習是學生可以參與的過程。


Necessity of Learning to Lear|


Help students transition from school to university.


  • Some students come to the university with disengagement, underachievement, self-doubt, feeling of academic inadequacy, lack of motivation.

  • Students’ comments extracted from the First Year Experience Survey and Graduating Students Survey:

  1. The discipline I am in is not what I want the most in PolyU so I lack motivation sometimes.

  2. It is hard for me to explore my interests and decide my major.

  3. I struggle to cope with the learning of quite a few subjects in the beginning of my study life.

  • 有些學生進入大學時會表現出不適應,學習成績不理想,自我懷疑,學習興趣不足,缺乏動力的感覺。

  • 從「新生體驗調查」和「即將畢業的學生調查」中摘錄的學生評論:

  1. 我在PolyU念的學科不是我最想學習的,因此有時我缺乏動力。

  2. 我很難探索自己的興趣並決定自己的專業。

  3. 在我的學習生涯開始之初,我努力應付許多學科的學習。


Preparation for a rapidly changing future.


  • Learning expires very quickly in a rapidly changing world.

  • Ability to learn in, and adapt to, new environments is crucial.

  • Such a world requires lifelong learners.

  • 在瞬息萬變的世界中,舊知識很快過時。

  • 在新環境中擁有學習和適應的能力至關重要。

  • 這樣的世界需要終身學習。

Strategic Plan|戰略計劃

strategic plan-1.jpg

Proposed Model for Platform 提出的平台模型

01. We mainly provide a platform for students to learn 'learning to learn' knowledge, interact with industries and evaluate themselves;


02. Companies can interact with students through the platform;

03. Teachers can help students grasp 'learning to learn' knowledge through knowing about 'teacher's guide' on the platform.

Guides for Getting Started|

01. 我們主要為學生創建一個可以學習「學會學習」知識,與企業互動和學生自我評估的平台;


02. 企業可以通過平台與學生互動;

03. 老師可以通過在平台上了解「老師指南」部分,幫助學生掌握「學會學習」知識。

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