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Sheng Qiu

​Sheng Qiu is a fashion and textile designer, who has obtained master and undergraduate degrees from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology respectively.

Gold Medal, The Third Keqiao-China International Formal Attire Design Competition

Gold Medal, Golden Hemp Award Competition

Silver Medal, New Youth Global Youth Creativity Award

Bronze Award, A' Design Award & Competition

Excellence Award, Haining Home Textile Creative Design Competition

Finalist, International Creative Pattern Design Competition

Participation, 2018 H&M Awarded Design: Sustainable Graduate Capsule

Personal Achievements


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"The Dao produced One; One produced Two; Two produced Three; Three produced All things." Starting from the nature of fiber, the work transforms the characteristics of the materials into their fundamental idiosyncrasy and taps their personality and functions. This is not only an external manifestation of spirit, but also treats the material itself as an individual with breath and life. The metallic shell was formed by scientific technology, the hard metal coexists with soft fiber, and they collide with each other to make the fabric not only have a shining decoration, but also have anti-bacterial, anti-radiation, waterproof, windproof and breathable Functionality. The silhouette of the clothes is simple, using the geometric lines to divide the outline of the body,  fictitious and realistic comparison is changes. The structural features that can be worn on both sides specifically emphasize the multifunctionality of the fabric - using digital printing to achieve texture changes on non-metallic coated side; at the same time, retain the nature of the metallic coated side, through the "shells" attribute expresses the theme of "protection, change and resistance".

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