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Haze Ng

Haze Ng is currently serving as an assistant professor at the School of Fashion and Textiles of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  He teaches research- and practice-based design subjects in the space of fashion and textiles.  He has also led multiple interactive learning and teaching development projects in league with the industry, academia, authorities, and various specialists in the cultural sector. 


Ng’s research focuses on cultural attire study, fashion history, intangible cultural heritage (ICH) preservation, particularly Hong Kong Cheongsam making technique, which is a National representative ICH of China.  In addition to preserving the authentic craftsmanship of the traditional attires through systematic investigation, Ng also explores the innovation possibility in reinventing the attires with advanced technologies.  He further extends his research impact to larger beneficiaries through his role being the Executive Committee Member (Education) in the Hong Kong Cheongsam Association, which is the official designated preservation organization of the ICH.

Personal Achivement

Haze Ng’s research and teaching projects have generated a long list of publications in the forms of academic papers, books, seminars, international conferences and exhibitions.


Iridescent Classic

Frosted Prime

The Rainy Rhyme Series

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