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採訪, 時裝秀

​        公司信息

香港理工大學紡織與服裝的設計類學生主要來自於三個領域:針織設計、服裝設計、內衣設計。 學生在專業的教育培育下,擁有紮實的設計專業基礎,同時兼具批判性和創造性思維能力,富有遠見和全球視野,是全方位發展的高級設計人才。

Collaborative Companies





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* Precautions:

1. This platform is only used as a media to carry out and exchange information without involvement of specific matters of cooperation between students and enterprises;

2. The form of cooperation between students and enterprises will be negotiated and signed by the employer and the applicant directly;

3. This platform does not involve any cooperation between students and enterprises, including not assuming the responsibility of supervision, mediation, and judgment of contract execution.

* 註意事項:
1. 本平臺僅作為媒體開展信息交流功能,並不涉及學生與企業合作的具體事項;
2. 學生與企業合作的形式將由用人方與應聘方自行協商訂立合作合約;
3. 本平臺不涉及任何學生與企業合作,平臺不承擔合約執行的監督、調解、評判的責任。

Know about Industries

  • Overview

Successful fashion designers need to have a wealth of market experience, fully grasp fashion information, fashion trends, brands in the ready-to-wear market, wholesale and retail status, and how the production line works. The ultimate fashion design is subject to both expert comment and market public inspection. Therefore, fashion designers also need to have a thorough understanding of the target market. Apart from maintaining their own unique design style, they also need to consider market demand.

1. Career information

There are some career information for students to know about the fashion designer duties, competencies and so on. 

WEBSITE  Life planning information

WEBSITE  Occupation dictionary 

WEBSITE  時裝及紡織業訓練委員會 “2019時裝與紡織業人力更新報告”

2. Manufacture and market

As a professional designer, don't just focus on design, also understand market information. This is not only beneficial to practical design, but also helpful for the designer's own business in the future. 

WEBSITE  Jenny Lam. (2021). Clothing Industry in Hong Kong

BOOK  Burns, Mullet, & Mullet, Kathy K. The business of fashion : Designing, manufacturing, and marketing. New York : Fairchild Books ; 2020 ; Sixth edition.

WEBSITE  The business of fashion

3. Industry sharing

Through the sharing of designers in the industry, students can learn from cases. Meanwhile, think about their point of view, does it help?



Mariliis Niine是一位非常有才華的時裝設計師,

她與耐克(Nike)合作,在2018年為空軍35歲生日定制了定制的耐克空軍(Nike Air Forces)。此外,她還在Holbrook工作室,WGSN和Iris van Herpen實習。現在她建立了自己的品牌,專注於防水針織品。

朱莉婭·霍瓦斯(Julia Horvath)x ZYPHR

朱莉婭·霍瓦斯(Julia Horvath)是ZYPHR的時裝設計師,她還在紐約創立了自己的珠寶品牌INFINITY 20。我們邀請朱莉婭·霍瓦斯(Julia Horvath)和ZYPHR的創始人分享他們對時尚產業的看法,並為學生提供一些建議。


湯姆·布朗(Thom Browne)從草圖到著裝的整個設計過程


4. Recommendation 

There are some recommendations for students to reference, things to pay attention to when going out for internship or work.

WEBSITE   Labour Department. (2019). Clarify Your Employment Status, Protect Your Rights and Benefits

WEBSITE   Labour Department. (2019). Beware of Employment Traps

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