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採訪, 時裝秀


Design students of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Institute of Textiles and Clothing are mainly come from the fellow 3 areas: knitwear design, fashion design and intimate apparel design. Under professional education training, students possess solidate professional and fundamental skills, as well as critical and creative thinking ability. Also, they are all-round developed design talents with foresight and global vision.

香港理工大學紡織及服裝學系內修讀設計專業的學生主要來自於三個領域: 針織設計、服裝設計、內衣設計。 學生在專業的教育培育下, 擁有紮實的設計專業基礎, 同時兼具批判性和創造性思維能力, 富有遠見和全球視野, 是全方位發展的高級設計人才。